The Gallery

Arthur Kalaher.The Arthur T. Kalaher Fine Art Gallery was originally established in 1977 on Madison Avenue in New York City. The gallery then specialized in American and English period furniture and American art. In 1979 we expanded by opening a gallery on Jobs Lane in Southampton New York showcasing 19th century furniture and focusing on 19th and 20th century American and European art and sculpture.

Today the gallery has evolved, in step with the trends, showing an eclectic mix of leading contemporary and traditional artists such as Andrew Hart Adler, Carolyn Beegan, Paton Miller, Rolph Scarlett, Joe Chierchio, Elizabeth Aline Colborne, Thomas Cardone as well as prized local works from the Peconic Bay Impressionists and is the exclusive repository for the works of Nahum Tschacbasov.

We pride ourselves in discovering affordable paintings by up and coming or undervalued established artists and offering them to our clientele. We understand where the art market is going. In the past we have brought artists to the fore such as Edward Dufner, Guy Wiggins, Edward Pothast, Walter Farndon, Charles Courtney Curran, Colin Campbell Cooper and Fairfield Porter. By being in tune with the trends, and showcasing work that is simply a step ahead, we can provide both aesthetic enjoyment and an investment opportunity for the collector.

Our gallery also provides certain concierge services beyond the selection of individual pieces of art.  These include art appraisals, high-quality custom framing, and painting conservation.  These services are not readily available to connoisseurs and collectors in the area. We invite you to visit our gallery at 28E Jobs Lane, Southampton, New York or please feel free to contact us for more information at